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Calm Sea

 5th October 2024 to 8th June 2025

Premier Meetings

Wheat Park Place



For details of our live zoom course dates, please download the prospectus.

Weekend study once a month

In line with NOS, this course provides you with 120 hours live training. We'll meet one weekend a month and focus on hands-on practice. If you can't make some of the proposed dates, it's not a problem as you will be given extensive materials to "catch up". If you need extra support, 1-2-1 tuition is also available for a fee of £75 per session.

Course fees:

£3500 payment in full (book here)

£3900 payment in instalments (book here)

Course dates & modules

Weekend 1: 5th - 6th October 2024

Module 1: Introduction to hypnotherapy

Module 2: Neuroscience of hypnosis

Weekend 2: 2nd - 3rd November 2024

Module 3: Inductions

Module 4: Therapeutic relationship (part 1)

Weekend 3: 14th - 15th December 2024

Module 5: Therapeutic relationship (part 2)

Module 6: Person-centred & psychodynamic hypnotherapy

Weekend 4: 11th - 12th January 2025

Module 7: CBT-hypnosis

Module 8: Ericksonian & indirect hypnosis

Weekend 5: 1st - 2nd February 2025

Module 9: Authoritarian and direct hypnosis

Module 10: NLP

Weekend 6: 1st - 2nd March 2025

Module 11: Mindfulness-hypnotherapy

Module 12: Weight loss

Weekend 7: 5th - 6th April 2025

Module 13: Smoking and addiction

Module 14: Anxiety

Weekend 8: 3rd - 4th May 2025

Module 15: Phobia

Module 16: Depression

Weekend 9: 7th - 8th June 2025

Module 17: Chronic pain

Module 18: Establishing a successful business

Course fees and enrolment

If you would like to book your place on the next Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy which is held in Ayr and starts 5th October 2024, please click below or get in touch if you require more information.

You can choose to pay for your course in full or in instalments of £325 per month. Please note that once you have paid in full, or your first instalment, that you are enrolled on the course and refunds are not available. However, if you cannot attend, you will be offered the opportunity to attend a later course, subject to availability. 

If you choose to pay for your course in full, the course fee is £3500. If you prefer to pay in instalments, you will be asked to pay £325 per month to a total of £3900.

For details of our live zoom course and to book a place, please download the prospectus

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