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How much can I earn as a hypnotherapist?


One of the most common questions I'm asked is, “how much can I earn as a hypnotherapist?”. People sometimes feel guilty for asking this. After all, most people train as hypnotherapists because they have a genuine desire to help others. But wanting to make a good living isn’t at odds with doing something you love and which has a value in the world. In fact, the two can go completely hand-in-hand.


Many people come to hypnotherapy training because they want to include their quality of life and having enough money to live in financial comfort is a part of that for most people, so clarifying how much you can expect to earn, before undertaking training, is a fundamental question.


If we start with the basics, you can expect to charge between about £100 to £250 per session. Some hypnotherapists who specialise in particular areas, such as menopause hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy for IBS, can charge more. In some areas of the country the “local rate” might be less than others (although a brief look shows that most local hypnotherapists are charging at least £75). Because there is a huge demand for online therapy these days, you’re not limited to charging a local face-to-face rate, which opens up the possibility of boosting your earnings.


I have heard some hypnotherapists give prospective students advice along the lines of it being impossible to earn much of a living. Without wishing to cause offence, this is often because hypnotherapists are not treating their practice as a business. There’s nothing wrong with having a side or “hobby” hypnotherapy practice, but if you want to earn a full time living you need to treat it as a business. That’s one of the reasons why, on your Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, you’ll learn how to approach your practice in a professional way, including learning how to market your business and attract clients. If you wish to access additional business support, you’ll have the opportunity to do so.


If we go back to the figures, at a conservative estimate of £100 per session, you would need 30 client sessions to initially pay back your course fees. Given that each client usually requires a few sessions, it’s possible to very quickly recoup your course fees. When you are training, you can charge a discounted client fee whilst learning your skills, helping to fund your course along the way.


Whilst it’s impossible to say exactly how much you can earn as a hypnotherapist, if you worked with five clients per week, for 48 weeks of the year, and charged a conservative session price of £100 per session, you could earn £24,000 gross profit. Obviously there’s the potential to charge higher fees and take on more clients.


I’ve been working with clients throughout the world, long before Covid, and the opportunity to work online and with international clients increases your earning potential further. The internet provides access to clients who are potentially looking for help with conditions which, with the right training, you might be able to help them with. For instance, if you complete further training in menopause hypnotherapy or working with children, you’ll have access to people who are seeking out expertise in that particular field. As a specialist, it’s possible to increase your fees and develop a high quality hypnotherapy practice that stands out from the field.


With the right advice, hypnotherapy can provide a fantastic living which is flexible enough to fit around your other roles and responsibilities.

A hypnotherapist working with clients
Hypnotherapist preparing for clients

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